Self Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis refers to an application of hypnosis in which the subject is also the hypnotist. Once learned it is a powerful skill that can produce innumerable benefits and last a lifetime. It usually involves a combination of fixation of attention, relaxation and suggestion. There are numerous books, tapes and videos advocating or explaining self-hypnosis. However, one-on-one instruction from a Consulting Hypnotist may produce the best results. There are special techniques and reinforcement strategies that can substantially increase and accelerate effectiveness. Uses of self-hypnosis include self-anesthesia (such as controlling pain in dentistry), reducing insomnia, control of several organic functions (such as blood flow and pressure), increased abilities in concentration, learning, and memory, and dealing with self-esteem, fears or frustrations. Every client at Healing Mind Hypnosis is taught self-hypnosis as a means of self-assistance.