Fear Reactions?

Fear reactions may range from simple ‘hang-ups’ to full blown phobias of known or unknown origins which affect the enjoyment of living Under certain circumstances or in specific situations virtually all people experience a variety of rational or irrational apprehensions. Fears seldom travel alone. One may be dominant, but usually several may be present. Fears often emanate from apprehension of impending danger. Fear of loss of control is primitive, but also common, especially in phobia cases. Fear of fear itself can be debilitating. Hypnosis for fears and phobias can replace catastrophic thoughts with truthful facts explaining existing problems. Exposing the causes can diminish anxieties and alleviate symptoms, relieving distress.

between success and failure. Improved study habits, excellent memory and recall, enhanced desire to learn, elimination of test anxiety have been increased with hypnosis. Selling yourself to an interviewer can be a harrowing experience. Hypnosis can help you develop assertiveness, confidence, leadership, as well as the communication skills necessary to feel comfortable speaking up and expressing your ideas in front of a group or a one-on-one interview.