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In 1992, Roger qualified as a Consulting Hypnotist. He now has a hypnotherapy practice in DELTA B.C. (Tsawwassen)...

Our Treatment Focus

Every Negative Behaviour Has a Positive Intent/Every Symptom is a Solution.

Our Client Promise

We promise to provide you with the most advanced Hypnosis and NLP methods and techniques known today...

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you with the most advanced Hypnosis and NLP methods and techniques known today, while affording you an atmosphere of understanding and empathy regarding you most personal issues.

    Your consultation is important to the resolution process because:

  • This is when trust is established between you and your hypnotist.
  • You decide exactly what your outcomes are regarding your issue.
  • We will alleviate any fears and misconceptions about hypnosis.
  • We explain why hypnosis is so powerful in dealing with personal issues.
  • You will be hypnotized using a simple, gentle induction.
  • We will confirm that you are in a hypnotic state.
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What Is Hypnosis?

What is hypnosis and what is it used for? There are many definitions of hypnosis and all are accurate. Here is the way I explain it; hypnosis is a method of communicating with a person’s subconscious mind (SCM) in order to change negative feelings and behaviours to more positive ones.

Millions of years ago we were closer to being animals than human beings – and everything ran on instinct and for animals it still does… That instinct is called the survival instinct and it’s designed to protect you… We still have that survival instinct today; only it’s now called the FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE RESPONSE…

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