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Do you have enough willpower to stop smoking? No! You Don't! Like moods and emotions, willpower fluctuates. On a down day you will go back to the habit which in the past you thought made you feel better. It didn't and it won't. Its most positive contribution may be to help your heirs collect your life insurance earlier, if it isnít needed to pay heavy hospital expenses. Hypnosis can help you reject smoking, not because you are strong but because you have no interest in it, you don't enjoy it. You will not be giving up something you like. You'll be getting rid of something you can't stand. And, when you get rid of something unwanted, there are no withdrawal problems, no need to compensate or replace one bad habit with another.

You are free!!!


WHY BE FAT? Being substantially overweight is physically dangerous, placing strain on your heart and other organs. Overweight conditions also detract from appearance and attractiveness, and can adversely affect career advancement, social desirability, relationships and other factors pertaining to life enjoyment and progress. The question then, is Why Be Fat? In most cases it is really unnecessary. Many people overeat to compensate for something in life which is undesirable; fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, home/family problems, job/career problems losses or defeats, loneliness. Hypnosis can uncover and reveal the problem, resolve difficulties, change attitudes, reduce the need and desire for excessive food intake. As weight is lost, appearance improves, self-esteem advances, confidence develops. Life becomes enjoyable. Personal progress returns.


Stress and/or anxiety can be caused by factors which are known or unknown. Problems or insecurities involving relationships, employment, health situations and other disturbing factors can foster mental and physical conditions which adversely affect the progress and enjoyment of life. Other causes may include events, contacts and traumas which may be repressed or suppressed, creating anxieties the sources of which appear totally unknown; stress inclinations can be inherited by children from parents. Stress that begins to debilitate or produce depression needs attention. Stress management hypnosis is powerfully effective. Causes can be revealed. In cases where stress-causing situations cannot be changed, hypnosis can modify perceptions so as to make possible tolerable living conditions. It works!!


Most hypnotists work with discomfort (pain) problems primarily in conjunction with appropriate healing arts professionals. This is because pain often is a symptom of a problem rather than the problem itself. A headache might be a migraine; it may also be a brain tumor. A medical diagnosis is important. However, properly used hypnosis can reduce pain, alleviate anxiety, remove fears of dentistry or surgery, eliminate or reduce the need for injections or other applications of chemical anesthesia, promote comfort and healing and expedite recovery. It is becoming more common in dentistry, obstetrics, burn treatment and emergency room trauma. In accomplishing the above it is evident that hypnosis can prove dramatically effective in dealing with medically-related stress situations. Hypnosis has been found to be particularly effective when addressing such issues as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Fear reactions may range from simple "hang-ups" to specific (or non-specific) fears which affect the activity or enjoyment of life , to full-blown phobias which may be a part of simple mental illness. Under certain circumstances or in specific situations virtually all people experience a variety of rational or irrational apprehensions. Fears seldom travel alone. One may be dominant, but usually several may be present. Fears often emanate from apprehension of impending danger. Fear of loss of control is primitive, but also common, especially in phobia cases. Fear of fear itself can be debilitating. Hypnotic suggestions can replace catastrophic thoughts with truthful facts explaining existing problems. Exposing the causes can diminish anxieties and alleviate symptoms, relieving distress.


Most people are aware that hypnosis is one of the most effective means of overcoming the habits of smoking and excessive eating. These same people often do not realize that hypnosis is also highly useful in dealing with addictions to drugs or alcohol, bedwetting, nail biting, gambling, and other habits and compulsions. Hypnosis is rather unique in its ability to ferret out causes of problem behaviours, using where appropriate the techniques of regression therapy. Procedures which fail to deal with causing factors often prove to be "band-aid" therapies. Healing often requires the causes to be known and understood. Hypnosis can deal with the causes of problems, with related feelings and anxieties, replacing the emotional satisfaction the habit provided with desirable, beneficial alternatives.


Children respond wonderfully to hypnosis. Children live in their imaginations. As they play and dream they become pilots, firemen, doctors, truck drivers, mothers; their worlds are unlimited and very real. Vivid imaginations and mental pictures make them ideal subjects for hypnosis, provided they are old enough to hold an attention span. Many inhibitions which later affect adults will not have yet developed in children. They are open and malleable. Strong or unwanted criticism by parents or teachers can produce imprints in a child's mind that create fears, phobias, habits, attitudes etc. Hypnosis can be highly effective in dealing with many problems such as bedwetting, grief, pain, anger, school adjustments, study habits, memory, motivation, self-esteem, confidence, athletic performance, creativity. Communication must be at the level of the child's perception and understanding, but results can be rapid and dramatic. Hypnosis can convert potential drop-outs to honour-roll students with its dramatic power.


From childhood girls are programmed to expect pain in childbirth. Every movie and TV show involving the birth of a child shows the birth as the most painfully horrendous event that every woman must endure. Is it any wonder that it is an excruciating experience? It doesn't have to be; thousands of women have given birth painlessly using hypnosis as the method of anesthesia. Hypnosis will reduce and in many cases eliminate fear, tension and pain before, during and after delivery. Hypnosis allows the mother to speed up or slow down her contractions; reduces chemical-analgesia and anesthesia or completely eliminates them. Hypnosis reduces postoperative nausea, vomiting, anoxia (lack of oxygen) and other side affects of chemical anesthetics. Unlike medication, hypnosis places no extra stress on the circulatory, respiratory, hepatic (liver) or renal system.


For many people the very fear of taking a test or being interviewed creates a mental block which ensures a poor performance. Hypnotic techniques can make the difference between success and failure. Improved study habits, excellent memory and recall, enhanced desire to learn, elimination of test anxiety have been increased with hypnosis. Selling yourself to an interviewer can be a harrowing experience. Hypnosis can help you develop assertiveness, confidence, leadership, as well as the communication skills necessary to feel comfortable speaking up and expressing your ideas in front of a group or a one-on-one interview.


In 1980, tests of world class Russian athletes showed that mental training was far more productive of improvement than physical training. Electrophysiological testing had indicated the dramatic value of mental imaging as early as 1932. Hypnosis cannot make unskilled people into champions, but it can generate performance at or near "personal best" levels. Hypnosis to improve athletic performance deals with four categories: goal setting, relaxation, concentration and mental rehearsal. Goals need to be written down; relaxation relieves tension; concentration removes distractions; mental rehearsing has proved more productive than physical practice. Olympic athletes use it often, with superb results. Mental processes do not remove the need for physical training and practice, but can maximize productive results.


Sexual dysfunctions are often handled on referral from or in consultation with appropriate physicians. As in many other cases, discovering causes is important. Non-medical causes may include childhood punishments, early religious background and training, poor handling of childhood curiosities by parents or teachers, life experiences, trauma etc. Therapy for a female may require cooperation of a male partner, development of understanding of response, needs for attention, security, comfort, foreplay. Male problems include impotence, premature ejaculation, fears about physical structure, masculinity and rejection.

Suggestion therapy, desensitization and reeducation can prove effective. Hypnosis provides an ideal approach.


Self-hypnosis refers to an application of hypnosis in which the subject is also the hypnotist. Once learned it is a powerful skill that can produce innumerable benefits and last a lifetime. It usually involves a combination of fixation of attention, relaxation and suggestion. There are numerous books, tapes and videos advocating or explaining self-hypnosis. However, one-on-one instruction from a Consulting Hypnotist may produce the best results. There are special techniques and reinforcement strategies that can substantially increase and accelerate effectiveness. Uses of self-hypnosis include self-anesthesia (such as controlling pain in dentistry), reducing insomnia, control of several organic functions (such as blood flow and pressure), increased abilities in concentration, learning, and memory, and dealing with self-esteem, fears or frustrations. Every client at Healing Mind Hypnosis is taught self-hypnosis as a means of self-assistance.

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